How Not to Design a Home Page

I don’t envy the print publications. First Web browsers, now iPads… new technology is destabilizing the very underpinnings of their business models.

But some are adapting better than others.

Here’s a good way not to design a home page, from my friends at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. (Who, by the way, do a bang-up job of reporting the news in Atlanta’s business community. Their corporate policies just make it impossible to find their work.)

First, today’s home page:

Just for curiosity’s sake, I color-coded the page to show navigation (some of which is a necessary evil), advertising, and non-business-related filler material.

The one news item visible on my 1920×1280 screen is half a headline; the bottom half is obscured.
My content window is 1165×962 pixels. Measuring generously, 284×22 are devoted to news. That’s half a percent for content, 99.5% other stuff.