Aerospace Venture Forum


Most venture forums concentrate on a particular geography (Atlanta, the Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic, whatever).

This one is a little different… it’s focusing on a particular industry sector. In our case, aerospace. So, even though it’s going to be in Los Angeles, we’re interested in aerospace entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world.

And we have a pretty liberal definition of “aerospace”:

  • Information-Based Applications (e.g., satellite telecommunications, GPS-based navigation, weather observation, asset tracking, remote sensing, imaging, environmental monitoring)
  • Transportation Systems and Services (e.g., orbital and sub-orbital vehicles, satellites, personal aircraft, very light jets, UAVs, space tourism and air taxi operators, spaceports)
  • Technology Commercialization (e.g., SBIR/STTR applicants, university and federal lab tech transfer, dual use technologies, business plan and prize competition teams)
  • Aerospace-Related Technologies (e.g., clean tech, entertainment, media, retail, medical devices, telemedicine, life sciences)

I have faith in the entrepreneurial community… that’s broad enough that I know the twenty presentation slots will fill up fast!

It’s going to be September 26, with a reception the night before. You can see more details here:

PS — I occasionally get asked “What’s a ‘space angel’?” Really no different from any other angel investor (Wikipedia definition here), but with a sector focus on aerospace investments. After making deals individually for years, we launched Space Angels Network about a month ago to add some deal screening and deal sharing capabilities. You can read about the founding members here.