Bem-vindo ao Brasil!

In October, I got a call from Yves Berthelot, our Vice Provost for International Affairs. He'd been invited to participate in a Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce economic development trip to Brazil, but he was going to be in Singapore at the time. He knew that I had a special interest in Brazil... would I like to go if he picked up the travel … [Read more...]

Taking More Photographs

I was catching up on Lance's blog this morning, and saw his New Year's resolution to "to take and share a picture every day." Good advice. Now that we're all carrying cellphones with better cameras than our point-and-shoots of only a few years ago, there's no excuse to not take more photographs. … [Read more...]

Around Cape Horn

Over the Christmas break, I found myself watching this video: "Around Cape Horn." As a young man, Irving Johnson sailed aboard the barque "Peking" in 1929, as the sun set on the day of commercial sail. And he carried a movie camera. … [Read more...]

Under the Sea

Sometimes, you just have to say yes. Guillermo Sohnlein, a friend from the Space Angels Network, is now CEO of the OceanGate Foundation. He emailed me a few weeks ago asking "Do you want to take a dive in a research submarine?" … [Read more...]

The New Model 100

Has anyone else noticed that iA Writer's "focus mode" turns your iPad into a TRS-80 Model 100? Some of you are too young to remember the Model 100. I travelled with one of these bulletproof boxes for years, starting in 1984. It ran forever on AA batteries. It had a full-size keyboard for touch-typing. The acoustic couplers would connect you to … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chips and Bacon?

Hotel Roanoke does conferences right! Snacks include slices of bacon AND chocolate chip cookies! :-) #SGPB … [Read more...]

Happy Monday!

Whatever the view looks like out of YOUR window this morning... I win! Happy Monday. :-) via twittelator … [Read more...]

Paraty, Brazil

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How I Spent My Day.

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Drinks and dinner on the beach at Ipanema.

Drinks and dinner on the beach at Ipanema. Location: Notice anything funny about the parked cars? via twittelator … [Read more...]