Announcing Boostphase

boostphase logo extrabold 480px
As I prepare to leave Georgia Tech, a lot of people have asked me if I’m going to indulge my long-standing obsession with the aerospace business. Not right now. I’m looking at a number of interesting career opportunities in several different sectors.

But those take time to mature. And it’s become clear that there is some immediate demand for consulting and educational services targeting the earliest stages of a project’s existence.

I like the term “boostphase.” It even has its own Wikipedia entry!

Here’s the definition I’m using for “boostphase”:

boostphase (büst´fayz), n., 1. The first phase of a spacecraft’s trajectory, from launch until it ceases to accelerate under its own power.

Usage: Small changes to the trajectory during boostphase will have major influences on the ultimate position and velocity of the spacecraft, determining success or failure of the mission.

The technical definition is used for rockets, missiles, or spacecraft. But with a little creative license, “launch” and “acceleration” can also apply in other areas where a small nudge in the earliest phases, expertly applied, can make all the difference down the line. In my career, I’ve seen this in:

  • Startups
  • Large corporations
  • Venture investing
  • Universities
  • Government projects
  • Economic development

These are just some of the projects where small adjustments — applied early! — can make the difference between success and failure.

So I’m going to be using Boostphase as the brand for my business consulting and educational services, focusing on the launch and acceleration phases of your projects. (It even lets me use a rocketship in my logo! See “long-standing obsession with aerospace” above.)

I’ve started a rudimentary website at Let me know what sort of content you’d like to see there — original topics, aggregation from elsewhere, long-form or quick takes, etc. I believe I have experience that can help clients in all the sectors above. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories and figuring out how to help. Spread the word!