Happy Blogiversary!

Ten years ago today, prodded by some of the more-connected folks in the Atlanta technology community (hi, Jeff!), I secured the “academicvc.com” domain, pestered Mike Schinkel to teach me a minimally-viable subset of WordPress, and began blogging. 

It’s been an interesting ten years. Ten years ago today, I still carried a Palm Treo phone; I hadn’t seen an iPhone in real life yet. Ten years ago today, I had a Gmail account, but I didn’t use it. Ditto for Facebook. I hadn’t heard of Twitter yet. I thought the future of Internet communications was an RSS feed via Posterous. 

Things have changed quite a bit, and my blogging frequency has waned over the last couple of years. Partially because my career has changed and I’m spending more time focused on non-startup non-tech activities. Partially because time that used to go into carefully composing blog posts (and reading, and sleeping) has been consumed by Twitter.  

But it’s still nice having one little corner of the Internet to call mine. I’ll keep blogging when I have something useful to say that doesn’t fit within three or four tweets. And it’s nice to have my old posts in one easily searchable place. 

On to the next decade!