7th Interstellar Symposium

This fall, Tucson is going to be hosting two awesome symposia back-to-back (they're even at the same hotel): NASA NIAC Symposium NASA's Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) is "NASA's DARPA"... the place where the space agency funds ideas that are too difficult, too far out, or too nearly-crazy to make it through the more buttoned-down … [Read more...]

Old Pueblo, New Space

David Wichner at the Arizona Daily Star has written a great article… but the headline writer missed a great opportunity to label it simply “Old Pueblo, New Space.” It mentions the Arizona Space Business Roundtable, as well as several of our former (and future) speakers. It’s nice to have something to point to when non-specialists ask you “So what’s … [Read more...]

Innovation out of Failure

This conversation with Andrew Lynn of Chapman University turned out well. As Andrew said: This week's Innovation out of Failure class discussion centered on a conversation I had with Stephen Fleming. With Stephen touching on everything from startup successes and failures to risk taking at a university vs. in business to the role of market forces … [Read more...]


I suppose this is Part V of "Tucson after the Coronavirus" … although I was talking about "boomerangs" long before the virus. Back in the Before Times, when I used to leave the house every day, I took Uber and Lyft a lot. (We are a one-car family, and a bicycle won’t get me everywhere.) And, channeling Thomas Friedman, I always liked to … [Read more...]

Sonoran Desert Spaceport

After decades of failed promises and false starts, we finally have a thriving space launch industry emerging from new and traditional players in the United States and abroad. Multiple satellite operators—including Google, SpaceX, Amazon, Iridium, and more—have the financial wherewithal to develop constellations of hundreds or thousands of small … [Read more...]

Tucson and the U.S. Space Force

This is Part IV of "Tucson after the Coronavirus"… but it's not really triggered by COVID-19. The idea of bringing substantial Space Force operations to Tucson has been a hobbyhorse of mine for a couple of years now. This series of posts is engaging in a little soul-searching about how Tucson will recover from the pandemic, and we've already looked … [Read more...]

Nearshoring after the Pandemic

Part III of "Tucson after the Coronavirus" First, let me add a link that I found after posting Part II earlier this week: Tucson Ranks #1 in U.S. in Google Search for “Homes for Sale” Since COVID-19 I suspect some of those Google searches are from professionals beginning to explore the Pandemic Diaspora. There will be more of … [Read more...]

The Pandemic Diaspora

Part II of "Tucson After the Coronavirus" When I left my office on March 11, I had no idea that I wouldn't be returning for months. It's now been 74 days since I had a normal schedule… 74 days since I've shaken anyone's hand... 74 days since I've swapped business cards with anyone. It's disorienting, and I can't believe this will remain the … [Read more...]

Tucson After the Coronavirus

Back when I was blogging regularly, one of my rules of thumb was: if I have the same conversation with three different people in a week, it's worth blogging about. Maybe I can try that again. One conversation I've had a lot over the last seventy days of quarantine is "What does Tucson look like after this?" I have a few different directions … [Read more...]

Surplus Domains Available

Well, it's time to start blogging again. Twitter has robbed much of the time and mental energy that I used to devote to this blog, but maybe the Great Coronavirus Pause is a good opportunity to add some new content. In the meantime, though, I decided to log into my domain management account and bozhe moi! … [Read more...]