My Talks at Dragon Con 2014


My annual post in response to the people asking me "What are you talking about at Dragon Con this year?" … [Read more...]



Something different this month: a book review. I read a lot of books... a couple of hundred per year. Some are serious, some are fluff, some are instantly forgettable. But occasionally, to quote Francis Bacon, "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested... to be read wholly, and with diligence and … [Read more...]

Cakes Baked at Gunpoint


I don't often do unabashedly political blog posts. If you're looking for the latest in my "indefatigable" posts about the Atlanta startup community... come back next time. … [Read more...]

Innovation U 2.0

Innovation U 2.0

In 2002, the Southern Growth Policies Board published Innovation U., which I've used frequently in discussing EI2's mission. Even though the SGPB has evaporated, one of the authors decided the time was right to update their work with "Innovation U 2.0." … [Read more...]

ATDC Showcase 2014


Yesterday was ATDC's annual Startup Showcase... over 40 companies exhibiting, plus seven more in a "fast-pitch" event co-sponsored with VentureAtlanta. The companies ranged from an app to make animated selfies with your cellphone (Selfie360), to a recovery capsule to bring small payloads back from orbit (Terminal Velocity Aerospace). It was a … [Read more...]

I Made Drudge!


So, yesterday I read a news story about a Tampa woman jailed for feeding bears. (She's an idiot. But there are ways of dealing with idiots that don't involve throwing 81-year-old women into jail without bond. Somebody in the chain of events should have found one of those ways.) … [Read more...]

Snowjam ’82 and the Birth of an Entrepreneur

Snowjam logo.110px

So it's 60°F outside and it's hard to believe that Snowjam 2014 started barely 100 hours ago. It was a bad time for Atlanta, and I am grateful for all the kind generous people who worked tirelessly to help their neighbors and complete strangers. This is a wonderful city. There are lots of stories out there about what happened and why it got so … [Read more...]



I have been called many things in my career. This is the first time I've been called "indefatigable." That image to the right is a snapshot of a page in the February 2014 issue of Atlanta magazine. It's actually quite a nice compliment, and I appreciate the editorial staff there for including me. And since I just celebrated my 19th anniversary … [Read more...]

Top Ten Technologies for 2014


To kick off the new year, I prepared a list of the Top Ten Technologies for our friends at the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The limitations of smearing ink on dead trees forced the newspaper to cut the list down to five. But electrons are cheap. Just for completeness, here's my original Top Ten, with special attention to how they'll impact … [Read more...]

Repurposing Tollbooths


So, in a slightly delayed fulfillment of a 2010 campaign promise, Gov. Nathan Deal removed the tolls on Georgia Highway 400 a few weeks ago. With three traffic lanes zipping by on the left, that leaves seven empty lanes barricaded off in each direction. What to do? Here's my vote: … [Read more...]