Back to the Moon

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DragonCon is enormous. If you haven’t been there, you have no idea how big it is. But, over in the Hilton, is a small (but overstuffed) set of conference rooms that host the “Reality Tracks.” These tracks are for a different kind of fan… those who want to build science fiction, not just read about it. The Space, Science, Skeptics, and EFF tracks are almost a con-within-a-con. A few hundred people spend their entire weekend in the Hilton, only adventuring out to the other hotels for a quick whirl through the exhibition halls and to stare dumbfounded at the hall costumes.

Today, I had a chance to follow up last year’s presentation on “Why We Can’t Go to Mars” with an alternative vision: “Back to the Moon.”

If I wait until I have time to synchronize the audio (recorded on my iPhone) with the slides (PDF file), this will get posted sometime around Halloween. Instead, you get it in two parts. First, click on the sound bar to play the audio. Then there’s a SlideShare below, which starts on slide 1 of 85, and you can page forward to synchronize things yourself. 🙂

There’s a full-screen option, but if you want to save a copy offline, you can download the PDF. Enjoy!