These Candidates Need Jobs!

Based on last night’s debates, here’s what I’d like to see each of the 17 GOP candidates doing two years from now:

(in alphabetical order)
Jeb Bush – Secretary of Education
Ben Carson – Surgeon General
Chris Christie – Secretary of Labor
Ted Cruz – Senate majority leader
Carly Fiorina – Vice President of the United States
Jim Gilmore – Secretary of State
Lindsey Graham – unemployed
Mike Huckabee – television personality
Bobby Jindal – Secretary of Energy
John Kasich – Secretary of the Treasury
George Pataki – Attorney General
Rand Paul – senior senator from Kentucky
Rick Perry – Secretary of Defense
Marco Rubio – senior senator from Florida
Rick Santorum – Secretary, Health and Human Services
Donald Trump – unemployed
Scott Walker – President of the United States


  1. I like this idea… was thinking the same about ALL of your Secretary and General selections and your unemployed. I’m 100% thinking the same thing about Fiorina, but think that POTUS is too tough to call right now. I guess I like Rubio or Cruz better than Walker at the moment. Paul and Huckabee would round out the debates until the Convention, reminding the real candidates of issues that continue to be worth discussing but aren’t enough to get either of the two actually elected.