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VentureLab opportunity listing

My team keeps the current list of Georgia Tech VentureLab opportunities online here.

Testimony to the President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy

I was invited to testify before this group (usually known as the "Moon to Mars Commission" or the "Aldridge Commission") in March 2004. The slides that accompanied my testimony are available here. It's a two-megabyte download, but I hope you enjoy it.


I did LASIK in 1998, back when it was still an experimental procedure.  Mixed results.  I posted a diary and got over a million hits (not bad for the early days of the Internet).  This is ancient hand-coded HTML and some of the references are obsolete, but it's still worth reading.

Venture Market South keynote speech

Back in 1997 I was invited to give the keynote at the first Venture Market South conference in Atlanta. The details are showing their age, but the fundamental message is still right on target.

Go Get an Asteroid

Here is an op-ed published by the Washington Post on October
12, 1999. Sadly, it has aged all too well… the economic arguments for space industrialization, the environmentalist opposition, and the hobbled NASA bureaucracy are open issues today (2007) just as they were in 1990. Sigh…

Random Quote Widget for Blogspot

If you're interested in displaying a random quotation on your Blogger/Blogspot page, check out this page.

Random Quote Web app for iPhone/iPod touch

If you'd like to have a random "Quote of the Day" displayed on your iPhone or iPod touch (drawn from an online database of nearly 1000), check this out.