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Raising Capital: Part 08

This is a continuation of a previous set of posts and is eighth in a series.Time to talk about resources for writing your business plan and your presentation. Sorry about the delay in preparing this next post, but January and February have been the two busiest months in memory. Lots going on at VentureLab, lots going on at Seraph Group, you name … [Read more...]

Tech High School

Some of you know that I'm on the board of trustees of Tech High School, a charter high school in urban Atlanta. As a reminder, charter schools are not magnet schools. We're not allowed to have admissions tests, and we have to accept every student who signs up, so we're not "cream-skimming" from the Atlanta student population.Please take the time … [Read more...]

TAG Top 10/Top 40

For those of you who were at the Summit yesterday... I think we wound up with ten great Top 10 companies presenting and thirty-nine (long story...) very respectable Top 40s in the display area outside.I hope everyone had fun.The selection committee and I are trying to figure out a way to extend the Top 10/Top 40 process through the rest of the year … [Read more...]