Tech High School

Some of you know that I’m on the board of trustees of Tech High School, a charter high school in urban Atlanta. As a reminder, charter schools are not magnet schools. We’re not allowed to have admissions tests, and we have to accept every student who signs up, so we’re not “cream-skimming” from the Atlanta student population.

Please take the time to read this article at Creative Loafing. An excerpt:

As Tech [High School]’s first seniors… prepare to graduate, the low-expectation mantra evaporates before superhigh achievement. Compared with schools of similar poverty demographics across Georgia, Tech is at the top in test scores. Even compared with all state high schools, Tech’s end-of-course test scores range from solidly in the middle to pretty darn good. … Here’s the kicker: APS gives Tech High only 71 percent of what it gives traditional schools, tallied on a per-student basis. APS will spend about $12,072 per student this year, compared with Tech’s $8,587.

If you live in Atlanta, start expressing your outrage that APS is pocketing $3485 per student that could be spent on books, computers, and teaching faculty. Whether you live in Atlanta or not, please consider donating as much as you can to the Tech High Foundation… tax-deductible contributions are how we make up the shortfall in our budget every year. And if you want a truly inspiring experience, come watch our seniors graduate on May 24th… the ceremony will be at Georgia Tech, and everyone is welcome.