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We love our cross-town rivals at Emory. But this screenshot from the latest US News and World Report ranking of business schools warms the heart of a Georgia Tech partisan. … [Read more...]

Jennifer Daniels at Eddie’s Attic

For once, Jenn and Jeff are joined by the band! … [Read more...]

Don’t Cross the Streams!

Fascinating pair of events in Atlanta this week... the DLA Piper "Venture Pipeline" and the Angel Capital Association annual summit. I've learned a bit, and have definitely gotten a few ideas to think about. No surprise to anyone who's active in the startup community... investment in early stage companies is down but not out. Deals are still … [Read more...]

Canaan’s Entrepreneur Pitchbook

You may have seen this linked elsewhere already, but I'm putting it here for future reference. Canaan Partners is a first-class venture capital firm, and they've assembled a "how to" document for entrepreneurs coming in to pitch. They explain very clearly what they're looking for in a first meeting, and you should pay attention. It applies to … [Read more...]

Augmented Reality at Georgia Tech

Interesting article on Augmented Reality research at Georgia Tech here. One of the linked videos demonstrates a Virtual Pet application on a current generation iPhone. The iPhone overlays an animated image of a dog on realtime video input from the iPhone's camera. The result is a pet that appears to reside in the real world in front of you. … [Read more...]

Experimental Job Board

Lots of great people in Georgia are looking for jobs, but at the same time, lots of great technology companies in Georgia are looking to hire people. Both types of opportunities cross my desk every week. Rather than try to play one-on-one matchmaker, I’m going to encourage people to post opportunities here. We’ll see if we can make any … [Read more...]

Microsoft at GEDC

Microsoft just announced their $600,000 investment in the Georgia Electronic Design Center at Georgia Tech, to focus on "RF-DNA"... the next generation of RFID. One of the key applications will be anti-counterfeiting technology for pharmaceuticals. Here's the signing ceremony at GEDC in Technology Square. Joy Laskar, director of GEDC, is at the … [Read more...]

Marcus Nanotech Center

Today, I received my invitation to the official opening of the Marcus Nanotechnology Center at Georgia Tech, which reminds me that I never posted the photographs from my tour a while back. … [Read more...]