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The Science and Engineering of Healthcare Delivery

G. Abowd, M. Braunstein, S. Fleming, E. Mynatt, S. Rushing, and W. Rouse December 3, 2009 Executive Summary Through targeted investment and significant academic and research efforts over the last decade, Georgia Tech has become a leader in biomedical engineering and … [Read more...]

Atlanta Startup Weekend 3

Watching the crowd gather at Atlanta Startup Weekend #asw3 via twittelator … [Read more...]

Robot Musicians!

The Science Channel released a video clip from its new show "The Future Of ..." which includes a 10 minute segment about projects at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, including Shimon, ZOOZbeat and others. The show will air this coming Monday, 2 November 2009, at 9:00pm. Here is the clip they released as a teaser: … [Read more...]

The Masten East Coast team watching the launch from Atlanta: 

via tweetie … [Read more...]

My Favorite Airport

I'm at Melbourne International Airport (MLB)... the one in Florida, not the one in Australia! And I've been killing a couple of hours with a rain delay. The weather is fine here, but nasty back home in Atlanta. This is my new favorite airport. Take a look at the booths in the airport restaurant: Ample space to spread out, easily … [Read more...]

An Absurd “Plan”

Another of my letters-to-the-editor that will never be published, so you can read it here. This one was sent to Scientific American regarding their November 2009 issue. In September 2006, you published a special issue on "Energy's Future" with a well-reasoned mix of articles on energy conservation, renewable energy, and nuclear power. I've … [Read more...]

Music Technology Cluster?

A funny thing happened at the various events last week (VentureAtlanta, Future Media Georgia, and GVU's Demo Day... I suddenly noticed how many music technology companies have recently sprung up in Georgia! … [Read more...]

Ron Clark on the tables at #fmga

Ron Clark  at #fmga. Those white things at his feet? Table tents. Yeah, he's on the table. Envying his energy! via tweetie … [Read more...]

Digital koi pond at SCAD Atlanta

Digital koi pond at SCAD Atlanta. Yes, that's @sanjay. #fmga via tweetie … [Read more...]

Touring the new SCAD Atlanta Digital Media Center. Consuming 50 terabytes/quarter!

via tweetie … [Read more...]