Experimental Job Board

Lots of great people in Georgia are looking for jobs, but at the same time, lots of great technology companies in Georgia are looking to hire people. Both types of opportunities cross my desk every week.

Rather than try to play one-on-one matchmaker, I’m going to encourage people to post opportunities here. We’ll see if we can make any connections!

The job board shows excerpts, so you get the title and the first 55 words to make a great first impression. If you convince someone to click on your post, you can type to your heart’s content… but if you’re going to link to graphics or PDFs or whatever, link to your own server space; you can’t upload those things here. Don’t complain; it’s free!

Links to VisualCV and LinkedIn are Good Things™.

Standard advice: Play nice, remember you’re in public, and I will refuse to approve anything that feels even vaguely spam-like. This is not Monster.com; I’m focusing on the Georgia high-tech community, so if you’re trying to post from Romania or China or wherever, don’t even bother. If the board doesn’t look like it’s adding value, I’ll take it down.

Job Board

Note that comments on this page (the one you are reading) will not be displayed on the job board. You have to register, submit a post, and wait for the moderator (that’s me!) to approve it.


  1. michaelmeyer50 says

    I have spent a number of years at the C level in high tech and recently moved to Atlanta. I am interested in providing C level, advisory or board help. Medical or Bio are not my cup of tea.