We love our cross-town rivals at Emory. But this screenshot from the latest US News and World Report ranking of business schools warms the heart of a Georgia Tech partisan.


Twice our enrollment. (That’s the third column.) Five times the tuition (for Georgia residents). God only knows how much more endowment. And tied in the rankings.

Once again proving that Georgia Tech is the most incredible screaming bargain in the entire higher education universe.

(I’ll save you the trouble of looking: UGA is #55.)


  1. and GT MBA students can apply to participate in the TI:GER program!

  2. I also noticed that every other school above us on that list had higher tuition rates, and I am not only talking about in state tuition.

    I wonder how this reflects on out undergraduate program.

  3. Not only that, but it’s the Business School at GT which a lot of EE’s and ME’s scoff at! I sold a couch to guy at a garage sale once who asked me if I was a GT alum when he saw my GT license plate. When I told him I was an MBA student he laughed and said “That’s not a Tech degree!” but I guess the jokes on him. 🙂