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Immigration and the Startup Visa

A few weeks ago, I was at a Georgia Tech student event, the Convergence Innovation Competition. I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the student entrepreneurs. They were mostly Master's candidates in Computing or Electrical Engineering, While still at the competition, I tweeted: Of the first 28 student entrepreneurs I've met in … [Read more...]

“Everyone wants the next Silicon Valley.”

Bruce Guile on replicating Silicon Valley: I am certain it would be possible to create a two-hour global video montage composed entirely of short clips of political leaders, government executives, university presidents, real estate developers and even some high-tech executives standing at a podium announcing that their project would create the … [Read more...]

“The global climate movement has become the kind of embarrassment intellectuals like to ignore.”

Great column by Walter Russell Mead. Read the whole thing, but here's an excerpt: The global green treaty movement to outlaw climate change is the most egregious folly to seize the world’s imagination since the Kellogg-Briand Pact outlawed war in the late 1920s.  The idea that the nations of the earth could agree on an enforceable treaty … [Read more...]

Where Do We Put the Sidewalks?

I'm not a Catholic, nor a right-winger, but I loved this quote: the mandate to care for the poor and the vulnerable need not necessarily translate into state action: We are commanded to feed the hungry, not to vote for the guy who will tax another guy to pay another guy to run an agency to feed the hungry. via Gay Marriage: Where Do We Put … [Read more...]

Maserati in Tech Square

Continuing my series of quick snapshots of cool cars in Tech Square. … [Read more...]

Why I love my PhotoJojo lens

iPhone 4 pictures taken from the same position in a hotel ballroom, before and after attaching the lens. Click to embiggen. (This is Gov. Perdue of North Carolina speaking at the Southern Growth Policy Board; confusing, because we had our own Gov. Perdue in Georgia until six months ago!)   Standard iPhone 4 photo With PhotoJojo … [Read more...]

Three Governors on Stage

Gov. Haslam of Tennessee, Gov. McDonnell of Virginia, Jay Timmons (Natl Assoc of Manufacturers), and Gov. Barbour of Mississippi on stage at the Southern Growth Policy Board meeting in Roanoke. Gov. Perdue of North Carolina had to delay her appearance until Tuesday since Obama was visiting her home state. … [Read more...]

Chocolate Chips and Bacon?

Hotel Roanoke does conferences right! Snacks include slices of bacon AND chocolate chip cookies! :-) #SGPB … [Read more...]

My Comments to Delta

One of the changes the world is getting used to with Twitter, YouTube, and ubiquitous cameraphones is that one person's experiences can be shared with the entire world, immediately, and unfiltered. … [Read more...]

Results of the Revenue Diversification 2011 Process

Thanks again to everyone who got involved in the 2011 Revenue Diversification process. Dozens of people participated, but I'd particularly like to thank Joy Hymel and Lynne Henkiel for co-chairing this year's effort. As reported earlier, the EI2-wide team narrowed down more than 140 suggestions to 11 finalists, then 11 individual project teams … [Read more...]