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Capital Calls

There has been a lot of noise lately about venture capital funds in trouble because their investors are missing capital calls. Which, at first blush, doesn't make sense because venture funds are supposed to be "decoupled" from public markets. The key bit of knowledge that surprises many people is that venture funds don't have any money. They're … [Read more...]


Cissa and I went to see KOOZA last night under the big tent (Grand Chapiteau) at Atlantic Station.   Incredible acrobatics as always, but this is nowhere near my favorite Cirque du Soleil performance. As I Twittered last night, this production needed more gymnastics and fewer fart jokes.   That being said, I'm curious about one thing. During … [Read more...]

TAG Top 40 Applications

The first slot in the 2009 TAG Top 40 has already been spoken for! Simatra — a VentureLab graduate and ATDC member — won the special Startup Gauntlet competition in December.   TAG is now looking for 39 more companies to be featured at the annual Georgia Technology Summit, March 3, 2009, at Cobb Galleria Center. This year's Summit will feature a … [Read more...]

Double-Sided Jigsaw Puzzle

I bought my wife a double-sided jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. The same scene is printed on both sides, but rotated ninety degrees. So, from looking at a piece, you can't immediately tell which way is up!   To me, it's a recipe for frustration and futility. But Cissa calmly cleaned off a glass-topped table and found a hand mirror...   I swear, … [Read more...]

Carrying a Camera

Advice to a friend who is planning a trip to Australia, and wants to know which camera to carry...   If you're going to Australia just to take photographs, buy a DSLR and all the lenses/accessories your chiropractor will let you carry.   If you're taking your family, buy something like my Canon A720is, and focus on the experience, not the … [Read more...]