Cissa and I went to see KOOZA last night under the big tent (Grand Chapiteau) at Atlantic Station.
Incredible acrobatics as always, but this is nowhere near my favorite Cirque du Soleil performance. As I Twittered last night, this production needed more gymnastics and fewer fart jokes.
That being said, I’m curious about one thing. During the double-highwire act, one of the performers stumbled, fell, caught himself on the wire, climbed back up, and continued. Was it truly an accident? Or was it planned? I’m suspicious because it seemed too well choreographed with the music. But he lost his hat into the audience, and that doesn’t seem like part of an act. Maybe an intentional stumble, and an accidental hat loss?
I’d be curious to hear from people who saw it on other nights than January 13th. Did one of the highwire artists fall, then catch himself?