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GT: Dr. Peterson discusses the new strategic plan.

GT: Dr. Peterson discusses the new strategic plan. via twittelator … [Read more...]

Level 10

IMG_0244 … [Read more...]

Stamps from Brazil

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My Talks at DragonCon 2010

DragonCon starts next week! Once again, I've been invited to speak in both the Space and Science tracks (which are over in the Hilton, across the street from the truly crazy stuff). I have three presentations: … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Natural Beauty

It's a beautiful country! Mostly, I'm going to let pictures speak for themselves on this page. If you like what you see here, don't miss the whole gallery … [Read more...]

Notes on China

It's silly to try and summarize the thoughts and lives of over a billion people by visiting a handful of spots over a ten day period. But I thought it was worth recording some thoughts on my recent trip to China, broken up into blog-sized posts. … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Random Miscellany

Things that don't fit anywhere in the rest of this series of blog posts... … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Social Darwinism

Darwinism I don't care if they call it capitalist or Communist, China is building a Darwinist society. The attitude appears in all sorts of places. … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Conclusion

I didn't expect this trip. The opportunity came unsolicited from the Hunan Provincial Department of Education and one of the local universities. But I've learned that when the Universe says "Would you like to?", the right answer is usually "Yes!" … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Relationships

Public Displays of Affection An interesting mix of public displays of affection. Lots of teenage and twenty-something girls holding hands. I suspect most of them were just demonstrating friendship, but who knows? For what it's worth, there were zero guys holding hands with each other. … [Read more...]