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Notes on China: The People

Diversity One of the first things I noticed in mainland China was the diversity of the people. Not "diversity" in the sense we use it in the United States -- I saw precisely two black people on my entire trip, both in Hong Kong, and zero who we'd categorize as "Latino" -- but in the range of body types, faces, and colorations that all were … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Hong Kong

I'm going to be writing mostly about Hunan Province and its capital, the city of Changsha. But, on the way to Hunan, I was lucky enough to spend 48 hours in Hong Kong. I'm not going to focus on that other than this one page. First, lots more Westerners have already been to Hong Kong, so there's less useful ground for me to cover. And, in its … [Read more...]

China: A Few Cautions

August Don't go in August. Look, I live in Atlanta. I understand heat and humidity, okay? But South China is a whole different world. Imagine Savannah in August. Now, imagine Savannah in August without the ocean breeze. … [Read more...]

China is Different

China is different. That sounds like a completely obvious statement, but it's worth starting with it. I've travelled all over the world, and I've never felt the sense of being on an alien planet as much as last week in China. … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Tourist Technology

Cheating It's easy to despair of the language problem. And, indeed, I didn't find anything that would help me with reading the pictogram language. But I found a way to cheat in trying to converse with people. I downloaded a bunch of utilities for my iPhone. … [Read more...]

Hallelujah Mountains

Hallelujah Mountains via twittelator … [Read more...]

Protected: Drinking Warm Pepsi

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Midtown Night Out Against Crime

Midtown Night Out Against Crime Location: via twittelator … [Read more...]