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Tis the Season to… Apply?

It's Christmas Eve Eve, and things are quieting down in the Atlanta technology community. Even the Twitterstream has slowed a bit. Entrepreneurs may be willing to work 24/7, but when all your clients have disappeared for the holidays, even the most dedicated entrepreneur may look up to find some spare time.Which means it's a great time to focus on … [Read more...]

Oh. Thanks.

I ordered a garage door remote from Marwest Access Controls (doing business as It arrived in good shape, but — contrary to the Web site claim — it doesn't work with my opener. I emailed them, asked for either a refund or a remote that *does* work, and they refused to help, saying my only remedy was a like-for-like exchange of the … [Read more...]

Need a 22-pin SATA adapter

My sister's aging iMac G5 video board blew out. AppleCare has expired, and it's too old to be worth fixing; she's now the happy owner of a brand-new iMac.  But her backup strategy consisted of "If something breaks, Stephen will fix it." So now I've pulled the old hard disk out of her G5 with the intention of popping it into a handy external … [Read more...]

Spelling Counts!

Posted in front of the somewhat grandiosely-named "Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning" at Georgia Tech. Perhaps the first thing they could "enhance" is their spelling of ANNOUNCEMENT? … [Read more...]

Dahlonega Christmas

I've always loved Dahlonega. Here's a quick snapshot of the town square illuminated for the holidays.   (Taken from the sidewalk in front of the Crimson Moon, where an awesomely pregnant Jennifer Daniels performed a great set of her favorites as well as some new songs from her upcoming album...) … [Read more...]


Just received my Clarifi from Griffin Technology. It's an iPhone case that includes a sliding macro lens. Check out the difference with and without the lens in the photos above. Click the image to see the full-size version.  (Random scrap of paper from my desk; no deep philosophical significance.)  Well worth thirty bucks from … [Read more...]

Favorite iPhone Apps

Okay, Mike Schinkel has been assimilated. Good work, all! I sent him a list of "must-have" iPhone applications, he tweeted about it, and now people are asking what's on my list. … [Read more...]