Need a 22-pin SATA adapter


My sister’s aging iMac G5 video board blew out. AppleCare has expired, and it’s too old to be worth fixing; she’s now the happy owner of a brand-new iMac.
But her backup strategy consisted of “If something breaks, Stephen will fix it.” So now I’ve pulled the old hard disk out of her G5 with the intention of popping it into a handy external housing and transferring all her files over.
Unfortunately, all the 3.5″ external housings I have use the 40-pin parallel ATA/IDE connector (two rows of 20 pins each). This drive has a 22-pin connector Serial ATA — 15 in one bank and 7 in another. It’s a Western Digital 800, if that helps any. Photo above for detail.
Does anybody in Atlanta have a USB or FireWire adapter or housing that I could borrow long enough to suck all the files off this disk? Thanks!
(PS — Yes, to avoid this problem next time, I’ve ordered her a big external hard drive to use for Time Machine with the new iMac… 🙂


  1. Stephen Fleming says

    Well, no one seemed to have the right adapter, so I bought one at Microcenter. Twenty bucks; took less than ten minutes to transfer all of my sister’s files. Now I’m stuck with it. I guess it’s a useful piece of kit to have in a bottom drawer somewhere.

  2. I have the same problem. would appreciate a part number or website so I can order. martin

  3. Andreas Lee says

    I suggest to buy internal hard drive which have head(recording) parking, it will prevent mechanical failure and data loss due to extreme condition