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Photographers Needed!

EI2 is looking for a few good photographers — people who can help document what the organization is doing to help companies and communities all around Georgia. In the past, we've paid professionals to do this... in line with the new austerity, I decided to shake the tree a little and see what's available among our own staff and friends. … [Read more...]

Why Are We Doing This?

So by now you've seen the press release about reorganizing ATDC, VentureLab, and the SBIR Assistance Program under the single banner of ATDC. And that we're throwing open the doors of ATDC to all technology entrepreneurs in Georgia. This is different. … [Read more...]

Rebooting the ATDC Franchise

Below is the text of a press release that Georgia Tech will send out on Monday, 27 July 2009. … [Read more...]

EI2 Visibility

I met with Dene Sheheane, Georgia Tech's director of state government relations, today on some issues regarding EI2 and the state of Georgia... and he volunteered some interesting information about Bud Peterson. … [Read more...]

Parking Deck Information

After the collapse of part of the E82 parking deck, a number of Atlanta employees have expressed quite logical concerns about the E81 deck that we are all now using. … [Read more...]

Budget Pressures

If you've read the paper today, you know that state revenues continue to fall below expectations. By now, you've all seen Dr. Peterson's campus bulletin about furloughs. Also today, we have received additional guidance from the governor's Office of Planning and Budget that they will be withholding a percentage of our FY10 budget on a monthly … [Read more...]

Not The Valley

This post is from 2009. For a retrospective on wearing this button for five years, check out my follow-up post here. (Click for full-size image.) Those of you at the Atlanta CEO Exchange this evening may have seen the lapel button I was wearing. It generated a lot of attention. … [Read more...]

My Position Description

For anyone who may have an interest, below is a brief position description for the Vice Provost for Economic Development and Technology Ventures job, as defined by the Provost Office in my offer letter. Acronyms in the original! … [Read more...]

The Words You Wear

You need to read Michael Lopp's post "The Words You Wear": How many of these phrases do we use inside EI2? … [Read more...]

St. Charles Open Breakfast

January 2017 update: After moving around from restaurant to restaurant, SOB finally fizzled out in 2015. It served its purpose while it lasted. If you weren't able to join us, you missed a great group of people. For about a year now, I've been loosely coordinating an open breakfast at St. Charles Deli on Monday mornings. It typically … [Read more...]