Budget Pressures

If you’ve read the paper today, you know that state revenues continue to fall below expectations. By now, you’ve all seen Dr. Peterson’s campus bulletin about furloughs. Also today, we have received additional guidance from the governor’s Office of Planning and Budget that they will be withholding a percentage of our FY10 budget on a monthly basis, starting immediately. We are drafting revised budgets right now to cover a range of contingencies.

We are working with the Georgia Tech Office of Human Resources to develop a plan to implement furloughs with minimal impact on EI2’s mission. We don’t have any details yet, but I’ll communicate those as soon as we know more. Furloughs are an uncomfortable tool to use, but I think most of us would rather see a small temporary income reduction rather than see more of our colleagues laid off.

I and the rest of the EI2 senior management team appreciate your cooperation.