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Raising Capital: Part 07

This is a continuation of a previous set of posts and is seventh in a series.Okay. This post probably should have been the end of the previous entry, but I was lazy.Let's say you've met all five criteria in the last few slides. Good for you! Unfortunately, so do a bunch of other deals. All things being equal, VCs will use secondary elements to … [Read more...]


I'm testing Skribit, and I just noticed that there's a request to talk about my header image. It's taken from a shot of XCOR's LOX/methane engine, which was just named one of TIME Magazine's "Inventions of the Year" for 2007. It's a prototype built under subcontract for NASA; descendents of it will one day land on the Moon and on Mars. Yes, it … [Read more...]

Raising Capital: Part 06

This is a continuation of a previous set of posts and is sixth in a series.The most common question a VC gets asked is "What sort of deals do you invest in?" Most of them will give variations of the same answer... looking for a fast-growing market, strong technology, great management, at a fair price. And it's nice to have milestones to know when … [Read more...]