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Traffic: What the Heck Do I Want?

Derek Edwards found my ancient post Packets beat Circuits and wrote this response. I replied in his comment stream, but decided to duplicate my comment here on my own blog. … [Read more...]

How Doug Osheroff Changed My Life

Yesterday, I got to meet Doug Osheroff, Nobel Prize winner in Physics. At the reception before his lecture at Georgia Tech, I got to shake his hand and say "I'm glad to meet you. In 1981, you changed my life." You have to admit, it is a good way to hook someone into a conversation! … [Read more...]

Flashpoint: The First Cohort

During January, the first class of Flashpoint graduates pitched their businesses at three events in Atlanta, New York City, and Menlo Park, California. I've written about Flashpoint before, but I find that a lot of EI2 employees still ask "So does Flashpoint compete with ATDC? Is it replacing VentureLab?" Now that we've seen our first results, it's … [Read more...]