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Georgia’s High Tech Corridor

Highway sign outside of Jesup, Georgia. That's not "Georgia's High Tech Corridor"... Georgia's high tech corridor is on the third floor of the Centergy building in Tech Square. :-) … [Read more...]

Random Quotes WebApp for iPhone

A while back, I posted the code for my "random quote of the day" widget for Blogger/Blogspot. Now I've tweaked it a bit to make it into a Web app for the iPhone (or iPod Touch). If you're reading this from your iPhone, try it now at! … [Read more...]

Mac OS X Time Machine advice

Apple's Time Machine has saved my bacon a couple of times.  It's not the only backup strategy I use (I'm trying to store more in the cloud), but it's a darned useful one. When switching to my new MacBook Pro, syncing up with my ten months of old Time Machine backups got hopelessly confused.  And I had wanted to repartition that external disk … [Read more...]

Startup Gauntlet returns!

As a reminder, the second running of the Startup Gauntlet is this Wednesday, October 29th, at 5:30 pm. We're going to be in the 2nd floor ATDC Connections Room this time.Read my previous post about it here. The first running was great fun, and attracted nearly a dozen entrepreneurs. We're expecting more this week. Sign up now!Remember, you have … [Read more...]

Rich de Millo party

Chris Klaus (ISS, Kaneva), Mary Alice Isele (GT), Tom Noonan (ISS, Tech Operators), Marek Rusinkiewicz (Telcordia), John Imlay (ISS), and Mike Cote (SecureWorks) at Chris' house for a party honoring Rich de Millo, who is stepping down as Dean at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. … [Read more...]

Sand Hill, Georgia

California is proud of Sand Hill Road. Well, we have a Sand Hill in Georgia, too! And ours is even BETTER. On the West Coast, all you can get is venture capital money. But at the Sand Hill Grocery and Gameroom, you can play pinball, then buy live bait and ammo! :-) … [Read more...]

Sliced Lab Equipment

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Lousy Presentations

So, like 450 other people, I attended VentureAtlanta last week. For a first-time event, I was impressed. Things were well-organized, they ran on time, and a lot of out-of-town VC friends showed up with checkbooks.Wednesday was great, with investor-focused events featuring ATDC and VentureLab companies. Then there were two major presentations on … [Read more...]

What if Apple built an alarm clock?

So I'm in a hotel room this morning, planning to sleep late, and I was awakened by the hotel room alarm clock at 7:00 am.  It was dark.  I hadn't set it the night before, so I had no clue as to where the buttons and switches were positioned.  I hammered on the top, I slid switches on the side, I seriously contemplated just smashing the damned thing … [Read more...]

Phi Beta Kappa

I got into a discussion about Georgia Tech academics the other day, when I mentioned how difficult the undergraduate curriculum was. The other person (who graduated from a state university that shall remain nameless) retorted with "Well, Tech doesn't even have a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa!" That's true. We don't. And I started digging into why. … [Read more...]