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Georgia Senate Bill 80

Okay, I'm going to talk about local politics for a bit. Those of you reading this outside of the state of Georgia can skip this post.Georgia is a fabulous place to call home, but trying to grow high-tech businesses in the Deep South has a few challenges that you just don't encounter elsewhere in the country. One is the lack of local venture … [Read more...]

Raising Capital: Part 10

This is a continuation of a previous set of posts and is tenth in a series. … [Read more...]

XCOR announces Lynx spaceplane

Today has just been insanely busy (which is why I'm not in L.A. for the announcement), and this is my first spare moment at my desk, but a lot of people have noticed that XCOR made the Drudge Report today! I've also been told via Twitter that we were on CNBC.So, finally, we're able to talk about the Air Force contract and the Lynx spaceplane. … [Read more...]


Someone on Skribit asked "How has Google changed your workflow?" … [Read more...]

Raising Capital: Part 09

This is a continuation of a previous set of posts and is ninth in a series. … [Read more...]

Blogging Setup Assistance in Atlanta?

Met this morning with Allyson Eman, who is the newly-hired Executive Director for VentureAtlanta, a major VC event being held 15-16 October, 2008. (Their Website is pretty minimal so far, but you can read about it here.)I told Allyson she needs to start blogging to reach the new generation of entrepreneurs who don't read the Atlanta Business … [Read more...]

Wanted: Director of ATDC

As most people reading this blog (at least the ones in Atlanta) are aware, Tony Antoniades left Georgia Tech last month to take a position with Cox Enterprises. Tony did a great job for nine years, and we wish him nothing but the best in the private sector.The job posting for his replacement is up at <>. This person … [Read more...]

Electoral College

I've just discovered that the Technique printed my letter to the editor in their February 29 edition. Unfortunately, they printed my original letter with an atrocious error (of mine) in it, and my hastily-emailed correction didn't make it into either the printed or online edition. Oops.Just to prove I can do simple arithmetic, here's a corrected … [Read more...]

ATDC/VentureLab Showcase

Save the date! The annual ATDC/VentureLab graduation ceremony and entrepreneur's showcase will be on May 15, 2008, at the Biltmore Hotel. More details when they're available, but anyone interested in being a sponsor, please contact me or Melissa Zbeeb before the slots are all gone...Add it to your calendar now! … [Read more...]