Blogging Setup Assistance in Atlanta?

Met this morning with Allyson Eman, who is the newly-hired Executive Director for VentureAtlanta, a major VC event being held 15-16 October, 2008. (Their Website is pretty minimal so far, but you can read about it here.)

I told Allyson she needs to start blogging to reach the new generation of entrepreneurs who don’t read the Atlanta Business Chronicle. She’s willing, but a complete novice in the blogosphere.

She needs someone to set up a decent-looking template for her and do a little bit of training. In exchange, she’s offering a free membership to the conference ($500 value). Anyone interested? Contact Allyson directly at gro.atnaltaerutnevnull@namea.

(Yeah, I’ve just exposed her email address to spam harvesters, but her Website did that already, so the bots have already found her…)


  1. sniff. you forgot about me?