XCOR announces Lynx spaceplane

Today has just been insanely busy (which is why I’m not in L.A. for the announcement), and this is my first spare moment at my desk, but a lot of people have noticed that XCOR made the Drudge Report today! I’ve also been told via Twitter that we were on CNBC.

So, finally, we’re able to talk about the Air Force contract and the Lynx spaceplane.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is a video worth?

And, before you ask… yes, I am 6’4″ and, yes, I fit in the cockpit. I’ve checked. 🙂

Press release here; good articles here and here.


  1. Forget the worth, how much is it gonna cost me to take a little trip in this bad boy?

  2. Stephen Fleming says

    Less than you might think. We’ll initially price to market, which means around $100K. But we’re well aware that there is TREMENDOUS price elasticity downwards. And since kerosene is three bucks a gallon and liquid oxygen is cheaper than beer, our propellant costs per flight are CHEAP.

    Gotta pay fixed costs, pilot, amortization, insurance, etc., but this is a completely different model for rocket-powered vehicles — a model optimized for operations costs. Trust me, you’ll buy a ride. 🙂

  3. Blake Perdue says

    Cool video. It’s be great if you could somehow pop out of the cockpit to enjoy being weightless.