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A Year of Blogging

Yeah, a self-referential blog post about... blogging. Yeah, I hate them, too. But, hey, it was a year ago today that Jeff Haynie (with a nudge from Lance Weatherby and a few others) nudged me into starting this blog. I'm not the most prolific of bloggers (although MarsEdit helps immeasurably; highly recommended!), but I get a lot of positive … [Read more...]

Tech High School Graduation on Sunday!

What are you doing Sunday night?If you're in Atlanta, and not spending the Memorial Day weekend on the beach, I'd like to invite you to the first-ever Tech High School graduation. … [Read more...]


So I spent the day today at StartupRiot.First off, hats off to Sanjay Parekh for pulling this all together. It was better organized and better run than a lot of "mature" events run by professional conference organizers. And I don't know what he used to threaten the speakers with, but people actually stayed within their three minute slots!(I want … [Read more...]

Call for Companies to "Run It By the Pros"

The MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta is hosting a “Run It By The Pros” member only workshop. This event is typically attended by 50-55 students, entrepreneurs, services providers and investors. There is a panel of experts from the area of funding early stage companies. The panel will give constructive feedback to the presenters. The main … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurs’ Showcase on May 15th

I know that I promised to keep the Georgia Tech stuff on the other blog, but since I have a number of readers here who may not have subscribed over there yet:The annual ATDC/VentureLab showcase is next week, and it's going to be our best ever! Check it out, and RSVP soon! … [Read more...]

Random Quote Widget for Blogspot

Now it's time for descent into geekery as a distraction from other things...I have a lot of quotations collected, and I'm always harvesting more. I've collected them in various databases over time, from hand-rolled FileMaker to things like EagleFiler and Yojimbo.The problem was that, if I wanted to share them with anyone, I had to somehow export … [Read more...]


Since this blog is approaching its first anniversary and—if my mailbox is any indication!—is actually attracting an audience, I've decided to mess with a good thing.Basically, I'm going to split it in two. Personal rants, opinions, and space-related stuff will stay here. Posts that are specifically related to Georgia Tech and/or technology … [Read more...]