A Year of Blogging

Yeah, a self-referential blog post about… blogging. Yeah, I hate them, too.

But, hey, it was a year ago today that Jeff Haynie (with a nudge from Lance Weatherby and a few others) nudged me into starting this blog.

I’m not the most prolific of bloggers (although MarsEdit helps immeasurably; highly recommended!), but I get a lot of positive comments… occasionally from people I don’t even know! So I’ll keep going as long as people see value in it.

As noted earlier, I’ve moved the Georgia Tech-specific posts to our new GT VentureLab blog.

Suggestions are always welcome, either via email or through the Skribit box to your right.


  1. Dan Greenfield says:

    Congratulations on your milestone. The biggest challenge for me was taking the plunge to start blogging. Now, I feel guilty when I don’t post.

    I would welcome your insights on how we grow, attract and keep young entrepreneurial talent in Atlanta.

  2. We are reading it, definitely keep it up.