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So I'm at the DLA Piper Venture Pipeline event last week, and Howard Schwartz from their D.C. office is talking. And he mentions a word that I haven't heard in Atlanta for a while: "Overcapitalization."He goes on to point out that there are a lot of very large successful funds trying to put a lot money to work. And since venture capital is a … [Read more...]

iPhone Thoughts

Oh, heck, every other blog out there is talking about the iPhone, so I guess I can, too...First thought — has anyone else noticed that the Apple screenshots all have the carrier displayed at the top as "AT&T" in capital letters? Instead of the preciously lowercased "at&t" that I see out of my window at night. So did Steve Jobs and … [Read more...]

Failure Is an Option

So I was on a panel at the America's Competitiveness Forum last week, and found myself sitting next to Diego Ibanez of Incubadora Octantis, a technology incubator in Santiago, Chile.He did a great job explaining what Octantis is doing... an especially impressive job when you realize that English is not his native language! Even if I weren't the … [Read more...]

Spelling Counts

So I'm reviewing business plans this morning, and I'm struck one more time by the number of typos and inconsistencies that I find.When I teach my classes on entrepreneurship, I always have at least one student protest my statement that "Spelling counts." Especially when they're not native English speakers. "It doesn't affect the meaning! And it … [Read more...]


Kevin Fong of Mayfield used to sayWe divide business plans into three categories: candy, vitamins, and painkillers. We throw away the candy. We look at vitamins. We really like painkillers. We especially like addictive painkillers!I've been thinking of this lately as I've been reviewing some business plans of companies looking for investment. … [Read more...]