iPhone Thoughts

Oh, heck, every other blog out there is talking about the iPhone, so I guess I can, too…

First thought — has anyone else noticed that the Apple screenshots all have the carrier displayed at the top as “AT&T” in capital letters? Instead of the preciously lowercased “at&t” that I see out of my window at night. So did Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive overrule the entire AT&T corporate empire?

Second thought — or set of overlapping thoughts. ITEM: The iPhone doesn’t have 3G, but it does have Wi-Fi. ITEM: The iPhone has bandwidth-hungry applications like Google Maps. ITEM: Steve Jobs is not stupid. ITEM: Steve Jobs has demonstrated his ability to see around corners before (such as leaving the floppy drive and legacy ports off the iMac, to the howls and derision of even the Mac faithful).

So a thought I haven’t seen on the blogs before. As part of the AT&T exclusivity arrangement, maybe AT&T is doing a deal with a national Wi-Fi aggregator (or becoming such an aggregator itself) so that we’ll be immersed in a Wi-Fi cloud wherever we go, and we just won’t care about 3G?

Do you detect a massive rationalization in progress? 🙂


  1. Paul Freet says

    It looks like the real goal is to build a portable internet device, not just a phone. That is something I could truly use.

    Like many business users, I don’t see how this will work without buttons for typing emails. I asusme they have thought about that, but I want to see how the touchscreen works with normal sized fingers, not the tiny ones they use on the ads.

    If they offer these without a mobile subscription, maybe I’ll carry an iPhone and my Blackberry.