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Alexander Hamilton and Android Phones

So this article is making the news today: Researchers find backdoor on ZTE Android phones The summary is that "Two mobile phones, developed by Chinese telecommunications device manufacturer ZTE, have been found to carry a hidden backdoor, which can be used to instantly gain root access with a password, that has been hard-coded into the … [Read more...]

Atlanta Science Tavern Lecture

I've been invited to speak at the Atlanta Science Tavern on 13 June, 2012. I'll be speaking on "Hydrogen Cars, Ethanol, Wind Farms, and other Silly Ideas." You can sign up to attend here. … [Read more...]

Revenue Diversification 2012

Since the state budget cuts began to bite EI2 in earnest a few years ago, one of our responses has been to look for new sources of revenue. … [Read more...]

Drug Labelling

I got into a Facebook debate last night with some very smart, well-informed, and well-meaning individuals... but I think they are completely wrong. The trigger event was the FDA voting to remove certain formulations of painkillers from the pharmacy. Here's the link: I understand liver failure due to acetaminophen … [Read more...]