Archives for July 2008

Aerospace Venture Forum

Most venture forums concentrate on a particular geography (Atlanta, the Southeast, the Mid-Atlantic, whatever).This one is a little different... it's focusing on a particular industry sector. In our case, aerospace. … [Read more...]

Turn your iPhone into a Digital Wallet

I just counted. I have 21 plastic cards in my wallet... credit cards, ID cards, membership cards, you name it. And there are four barcode tags dangling from my car keys.Being a geek, I keep all the relevant numbers encrypted in my Palm Treo (using SplashID... I really hope they're doing an iPhone version!), but rattling off a ten-digit number … [Read more...]

Travel Lessons Learned

This was written as part of my earlier post on our South Africa trip, but that was getting over-long, so I decided to split it out. Trying to record some "lessons learned" about travel preparation for long trips, with an emphasis on digital photography.Laptop Yeah, bring it. It's heavy and awkward and fragile, but I was able to download pictures … [Read more...]

South Africa Diary

For people who are interested, this is a classic "What I did on my summer vacation" post. If you are interested, click below to read more. If not, go on to your next RSS feed... … [Read more...]