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Tucson and the U.S. Space Force

This is Part IV of "Tucson after the Coronavirus"… but it's not really triggered by COVID-19. The idea of bringing substantial Space Force operations to Tucson has been a hobbyhorse of mine for a couple of years now. This series of posts is engaging in a little soul-searching about how Tucson will recover from the pandemic, and we've already looked … [Read more...]

Nearshoring after the Pandemic

Part III of "Tucson after the Coronavirus" First, let me add a link that I found after posting Part II earlier this week: Tucson Ranks #1 in U.S. in Google Search for “Homes for Sale” Since COVID-19 I suspect some of those Google searches are from professionals beginning to explore the Pandemic Diaspora. There will be more of … [Read more...]

The Pandemic Diaspora

Part II of "Tucson After the Coronavirus" When I left my office on March 11, I had no idea that I wouldn't be returning for months. It's now been 74 days since I had a normal schedule… 74 days since I've shaken anyone's hand... 74 days since I've swapped business cards with anyone. It's disorienting, and I can't believe this will remain the … [Read more...]

Tucson After the Coronavirus

Back when I was blogging regularly, one of my rules of thumb was: if I have the same conversation with three different people in a week, it's worth blogging about. Maybe I can try that again. One conversation I've had a lot over the last seventy days of quarantine is "What does Tucson look like after this?" I have a few different directions … [Read more...]