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The Masten East Coast team watching the launch from Atlanta: 

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My Favorite Airport

I'm at Melbourne International Airport (MLB)... the one in Florida, not the one in Australia! And I've been killing a couple of hours with a rain delay. The weather is fine here, but nasty back home in Atlanta. This is my new favorite airport. Take a look at the booths in the airport restaurant: Ample space to spread out, easily … [Read more...]

An Absurd “Plan”

Another of my letters-to-the-editor that will never be published, so you can read it here. This one was sent to Scientific American regarding their November 2009 issue. In September 2006, you published a special issue on "Energy's Future" with a well-reasoned mix of articles on energy conservation, renewable energy, and nuclear power. I've … [Read more...]

Music Technology Cluster?

A funny thing happened at the various events last week (VentureAtlanta, Future Media Georgia, and GVU's Demo Day... I suddenly noticed how many music technology companies have recently sprung up in Georgia! … [Read more...]

Ron Clark on the tables at #fmga

Ron Clark  at #fmga. Those white things at his feet? Table tents. Yeah, he's on the table. Envying his energy! via tweetie … [Read more...]

Digital koi pond at SCAD Atlanta

Digital koi pond at SCAD Atlanta. Yes, that's @sanjay. #fmga via tweetie … [Read more...]

Touring the new SCAD Atlanta Digital Media Center. Consuming 50 terabytes/quarter!

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Just got it a second time and captured a screen shot

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Last minute setup! #va09

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Ran onto @stammy and @zooey_stammy in Piedmont Park. What a gorgeous day!!

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