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Thoughts on the iPad

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad yesterday, my first thoughts were "Ooooh! Shiny! I want one!" Then I read the orgy of criticism that washed over the blogosphere last night about all the device's perceived failings and, on mature and considered reflection... I still want one. (Maybe two, so I don't have to fight with my wife over it.) … [Read more...]

Marilyn Brown

Every seat taken as Marilyn Brown speaks in the Hodges Room: via twittelator … [Read more...]


The ugliest color scheme I've seen this year. "Greentech" is fine, but not THAT green! via twittelator … [Read more...]

Mountain Dew Throwback

via tweetie … [Read more...]

Why a Tablet?

The Apple faithful are all a-twitter about the possibility of Apple introducing a tablet computer at the end of this month. … [Read more...]