Sunset from Sugarloaf

Overlooking Copacabana Beach and Corcovado Rio de Janeiro … [Read more...]

Leadership Retreat

Our church board of trustees on the way to our leadership retreat: via twittelator … [Read more...]

Buzz at Geekend 2010

Buzz at Geekend 2010 in Savannah! … [Read more...]

The Wiimotes

Watching the Wiimotes at #Geekend -- love the @MailChimp hats! … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil

"Brazil is the country of the future... and always will be." People have been saying that for decades. It's not very nice, but certainly nicer than Charles de Gaulle's observation in 1963 that "Brazil is not a serious country." Well, five decades later, Brazil is certainly a serious country. … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:

Innovation and Commercialization I gave several talks in Brazil on innovation, university commercialization, and venture investing. I have some thoughts on this that I'm going to document at length a bit later. … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:
Random Miscellany

Network Connectivity 3G connections were ubiquitous (well, except in the mountains north of Pirenópolis, but that's unreasonable). … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:

Brasilia is an unusual city. It was planned from scratch to be the new capital of Brazil (replacing Rio de Janeiro, which had filled that role since 1763). Brasilia was built in a whirlwind of activity, starting in 1956, and was inaugurated as the capital in 1960. I'm embarrassed to note … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:
Natural Beauty

As in my China notes, I'll simply show some photographs without comment here. It's a beautiful country. If you like what you see here, don't miss the whole gallery at Click on any image here to embiggen; on the resulting page, click "X3" or "O" (Original) to embiggen even more! … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:

Price Friction That price difference in cars is emblematic of technology prices in general. … [Read more...]