Notes on Brazil:

Brazilians don't seem to express much of their personality through their automobiles. A photograph of one of Sao Paulo's monstrous traffic jams could easily be mistaken for black and white film. … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:
São Paulo

São Paulo is mind-bogglingly enormous. (Click on the panorama … [Read more...]

Notes on Brazil:
A Sunny Version of Europe

Brazil feels like a European country that was accidentally misplaced into the tropics. … [Read more...]

Brasilia looks like Texas.

Brasilia looks like Texas. via twittelator … [Read more...]

Our niece’s wedding! Capela do Sion, Sao Paulo…

Celebrating our anniversary at our niece's wedding! Capela do Sion, Sao Paulo... via twittelator … [Read more...]

Stamps from Brazil

[Read more...]

Notes on China: Natural Beauty

It's a beautiful country! Mostly, I'm going to let pictures speak for themselves on this page. If you like what you see here, don't miss the whole gallery … [Read more...]

Notes on China

It's silly to try and summarize the thoughts and lives of over a billion people by visiting a handful of spots over a ten day period. But I thought it was worth recording some thoughts on my recent trip to China, broken up into blog-sized posts. … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Random Miscellany

Things that don't fit anywhere in the rest of this series of blog posts... … [Read more...]

Notes on China: Social Darwinism

Darwinism I don't care if they call it capitalist or Communist, China is building a Darwinist society. The attitude appears in all sorts of places. … [Read more...]