Startup Gauntlet begins next week!


As you may have heard, we’re starting a new event for local entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-wannabes: Startup Gauntlet. Click over and take a look.

This may be “Toastmasters for Entrepreneurs,” but the mailed-fist logo is not accidental. The judges are going to be brutally honest about what works and what doesn’t work with your three-minute pitch. It’s a safe environment — no investors, no media, no looky-loos — so you can crash and burn with no risk except to your ego. And if your ego is that easily deflated, you’ve got no business being an entrepreneur!

The news is that we’re going to be collaborating with TAG, using the Gauntlet as a run-up for the Georgia Technology Summit’s Top 10/Top 40 awards next February! The best pitches from the first three events will be invited back to a public event on the evening of November 19th December 17th. The TAG Top 40 selection committee will sit in judgement, and will pick (at least) one winner who will be included in next February’s Top 40, and have an automatic audition for the Top 10!

The first Gauntlet will be Wednesday, September 24, 5:30 pm, in the ATDC Community Room, 2nd floor of Centergy in Tech Square. The first event is filling up fast. You have to register at the Web site or you won’t get in. If you get in, you have to be ready to pitch when your name gets called!