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Scary Error Messages

Apple literally wrote the book on Human Interface Guidelines. I have a copy of the original paperback, published in 1987. It's still worth reading. But the current version lives online. Check out the guidelines on alerts. … [Read more...]

Happy Blogiversary!

Ten years ago today, prodded by some of the more-connected folks in the Atlanta technology community (hi, Jeff!), I secured the "" domain, pestered Mike Schinkel to teach me a minimally-viable subset of WordPress, and began blogging.  It's been an interesting ten years. Ten years ago today, I still carried a Palm Treo phone; I … [Read more...]

Go West, Young Man!

About a year ago, I left Georgia Tech and embarked on a new journey as an innovation consultant by launching Boostphase. It's been a fun and successful year — I've met some great people, visited some fascinating places, and paid the bills. But I've found that I miss being part of a team... and I miss working on the sorts of projects that only a … [Read more...]