Happy Blogiversary!

Ten years ago today, prodded by some of the more-connected folks in the Atlanta technology community (hi, Jeff!), I secured the "academicvc.com" domain, pestered Mike Schinkel to teach me a minimally-viable subset of WordPress, and began blogging.  It's been an interesting ten years. Ten years ago today, I still carried a Palm Treo phone; I … [Read more...]

Go West, Young Man!

About a year ago, I left Georgia Tech and embarked on a new journey as an innovation consultant by launching Boostphase. It's been a fun and successful year — I've met some great people, visited some fascinating places, and paid the bills. But I've found that I miss being part of a team... and I miss working on the sorts of projects that only a … [Read more...]

Beltline Lantern Parade 2016

One of the best things about living within walking distance of the Beltline... The "official" parade took a full hour to pass our spot, but there were plenty of illuminated revelers before and after. … [Read more...]

Back to the Moon

DragonCon is enormous. If you haven't been there, you have no idea how big it is. But, over in the Hilton, is a small (but overstuffed) set of conference rooms that host the "Reality Tracks." These tracks are for a different kind of fan… those who want to build science fiction, not just read about it. … [Read more...]

My Talks at DragonCon 2016

My annual post in response to the people asking me "What are you talking about at DragonCon this year?" … [Read more...]

Children in the Snow

Last weekend, I made my annual pilgrimage to Chattanooga for LibertyCon. In addition to the expected geekery and humor, I happened to catch John Ringo hold a 300-person auditorium spellbound with a personal recollection from his childhood. … [Read more...]

Surplus Book Extravaganza

One of four truckloads of books, headed for storage. They creep up on you. Multiplying silently in the night. Smuggling themselves in the front door, disguised in innocent Amazon boxes. Building themselves nests that spread to cover every wall in your house. Then one day you turn around and realize you're sharing your house with 6,500 books. … [Read more...]

Michael Griffin on Commercial Space

If you've been hanging around the space business for a while, you've heard of Michael Griffin. You may love him, you may hate him, but you're probably not neutral about him. … [Read more...]

Spaceport Camden Legislation

Last Monday, I attended a hearing at the Capitol on House Bill 734, the Georgia Space Flight Act. This legislation is being led by representatives from southeastern Georgia, the proposed site of Spaceport Camden. (You can read more about the spaceport at http://spaceportcamden.us/.) … [Read more...]

Announcing Boostphase

As I prepare to leave Georgia Tech, a lot of people have asked me if I'm going to indulge my long-standing obsession with the aerospace business. Not right now. I'm looking at a number of interesting career opportunities in several different sectors. … [Read more...]