My Talks at DragonCon 2013

My annual post in response to the people asking me "What are you talking about at DragonCon this year?" … [Read more...]

One Way Trip to Mars?

On July 4, 1976, the first Viking spacecraft was scheduled to land on Mars. Caution dictated a delay of a couple of weeks until Neilsday, but nevertheless... I'll shamelessly take advantage of the July 4th peg for a blog post on the topic. … [Read more...]

SpaceUp Atlanta

It's World Space Week! And to celebrate, some Georgia Tech students and friends are sponsoring SpaceUp Atlanta on Saturday, October 6, 2012. You should come! … [Read more...]

Seven Minutes of Terror

I'm taking advantage of my column this month to talk about something that seems completely unrelated to EI2, but I promise to connect it back in the last few paragraphs. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the story! On the evening of Sunday, August 5th, a crowd started gathering in the Hodges Room on the 3rd floor of Centergy. By 6:00 pm, we had … [Read more...]

My Talks at Dragon*Con 2012

So people have been asking me "What are you talking about at Dragon*Con this year?" … [Read more...]

Go Get an Asteroid!

So it appears that a group of billionaires are going to announce the first asteroid mining company tomorrow. (You don't need me to repeat the news here. Visit and follow their Twitter account @PlanetaryRsrcs.) Buried deep in this site, you might stumble across a Letter to the Editor that the Washington Post … [Read more...]

My Talks at Dragon*Con 2011

Once again, I'm honored to have been asked to speak in the Space and Science tracks at Dragon*Con. Dragon takes over downtown Atlanta during Labor Day weekend. It's enormous. All the public reports of attendance are wrong... they admit to "40,000+" but that's low-balled to avoid fire code problems. But for those of you who don't know, there … [Read more...]


Shuttle design was finalized 40 years ago. 40 years before THAT (1931), this Tiger Moth was state-of-the-art. We can do better. … [Read more...]

World’s worst astrophotography

World's worst astrophotography: Jupiter and all 4 moons, via iPhone 4 and a 16" Meade telescope! via twittelator … [Read more...]

DragonCon talk with Michael Mealling

DragonCon: @mmealling and I prepare for our space startups talk via twittelator … [Read more...]