I’m Hiring!

Classic good news, bad news story.

The good news is that one of VentureLab’s newest spinout companies is getting a talented, experienced, passionately-committed biz dev manager.

The bad news is that it’s one of my employees — Jon Goldman. Dammit.

Can’t hold it against Jon… he’s been laboring in the vineyards here for six years doing incredibly good work, and it’s only natural that he’d eventually decide to grab hold of one of the dozens of opportunities that he’s helped shepherd from “good idea” to “funded company.” We’re wishing him nothing but goodwill, and plan to rope him into various advisory roles as much as we can, depending on the demands of his new job.

But that means I’m hiring again!


From the official HR description:

Prefer six to ten years of experience in the related discipline. Also prefer start-up or small company experience to include: understanding of the commercialization process and how to take technology from a lab and match it with a market or application.

Will interface heavily with faculty within their area/discipline/background. The Commercialization Catalyst will help faculty understand the stages of technology transfer and the commercialization process (from protecting their inventions, creating a start-up company, and marketing potential products). Candidate must be able to make themselves very aware of all research (both current and potential) within the college/department of their area of expertise (in order to define potential markets for sellable products). This position requires some evening work and travel (approximately 10-20%).

Sound like you? Sound like someone you know? I never know who is reading this blog, so feel free to spread this far and wide. And although I’m happy to get emails from anybody at any time, the Georgia Tech HR process will not recognize anything except a formal application through the ohr.gatech.edu Web site listed above. So… yes, even if I’ve known you for years, you gotta fill out the form. Sorry.

This really is a remarkable chance to see all of the cool stuff coming out of the Georgia Tech labs, to spend time with some of the smartest professors and graduate students on the planet, and to be able to use all your skills to develop real companies out of blue-sky ideas and patent applications. You’ll need to know a little bit about absolutely everything (technical, legal, financial, HR, etc.) and have a high tolerance for ambiguity. Particularly interested in “switch hitters” who can juggle both EE/semiconductor and aerospace/materials science opportunities. Vulnerability to kryptonite is not necessarily a disqualification.


  1. What’s the typical pay for a position like this? Benefits? Other perks?

  2. Stephen Fleming says

    Typical pay? Georgia Tech staffers are state employees, and nobody ever got rich working for the state. It’s not a vow of poverty, but everyone in VentureLab could make more money in private industry. That’s not why we’re here.

    On the other hand, being state employees, benefits are comprehensive. “Other perks?” Well, you’d be able to use a Macintosh in the office… 🙂