MacBook RAM

Haven’t seen anybody talking about it yet, but apparently the new MacBook/MacBook Pro have followed the lead of the MacBook Air, and there is no user-upgradeable RAM. That’s a shame.

In the world of bloated code, I guess I will have to be satisfied with 4 GB of RAM. HP and Dell will both sell me a notebook with 8 GB. That’s sad.

(And I know that even 4 GB of RAM in a laptop is ridiculous, but I keep hitting the 2 GB limit on my current MacBook Pro, and it seems silly to just double it on a new machine that should last me for a couple of years. I’d rather start at 8 GB with the option to move to 16 GB later.)


  1. Paul Stamatiou says

    Wow I guess I didn’t follow the news that closely – had no idea about this. Although I think I can forgive Apple for this considering it is DDR3 instead of paltry DDR2.

  2. Paul Stamatiou says

    On further investigation, I think they mean that the ram is not upgradable by the “typical” user. Unlike the Air, the RAM in the new MBP is not soldered to the motherboard, rather on friendly DIMM slots.. but they are deep inside the case and involve taking apart half of the notebook.