Special Startup Gauntlet in December!


We held the third running of the Gauntlet last night. As a heads-up, the December Gauntlet will be a little earlier… 4:30 pm. Here’s why.

We’ve held three events so far, and the winners have been:


Winner: Divvs

Runner-up: Simatra


Winner: 40billion.com

Runner-up: Neighborex


Winner: Jumbis

Runner-up: Telanon

In December, we’ll convene a fourth Gauntlet at 4:30 pm on December 17th, with a hard stop at 6:00 pm. We’ll pick another winner and runner-up. Those two CEOs, plus the CEOs of the six companies listed above, will convene at 6:30 for a second event. As usual, they’ll each give three-minute pitches (with or without slides). But instead of your sometimes-rude dungeonmasters, this one will be judged by members of the TAG Top 40 committee. The winner will get a slot as one of the Top 40 companies, as well an invitation to audition for one of the Top 10 slots to present at the Georgia Technology Summit next March.

And this event is open to the public.

Unlike the regular Gauntlets, where you have to be prepared to pitch to get in the door, the 6:30 event will be open to everyone. Come see the eight companies battle it out for the Top 40 slot. Listen to the judges’ feedback on the presentations. And get a chance to see some of the hottest new companies in Atlanta!

Sign up to present at the Startup Gauntlet web site. If you’re not presenting, just show up; no RSVP required.

And, as a reminder, winners of the October, November, December, and January Gauntlets get an invitation to present at Startup Riot as well…


  1. Stephen Fleming says

    I probably should have announced last week… the winner was Simatra!