Wanted: Macintosh Archaeologist


Here’s the situation. I have about three cubic meters of obsolete computers, peripherals, and other electronic crap sitting in storage. A couple of ancient Macs (including a pair of PowerBook 2400c “netbooks”). Miscellaneous printers and scanners. Disk drives. A fax machine. At least one stereo system. A handful of Handspring/Palm Treos. Probably a dozen wireless phones. Other stuff. And cables. Bozhe moi, the cables. I could tie down King Kong with the cables. Mostly pre-USB… Apple ADB, and power cables, and SCSI cables as thick as your thumb.
Most of this stuff worked when I put it into storage a couple of years ago. (A couple of the Treos have display problems.) It offends my soul to just take it all into an electronics recycling place. But I certainly don’t have time to do anything else with it.
So… I need an archaeologist to (1) take it all away, (2) sort through it and figure out what’s what, and (3) post it all on eBay. You keep half of the net proceeds after shipping; I get half.
This would be a great task for a slightly-geeky high school student wanting some cash… or for anyone in the tech business between jobs right now. It’d be nice if you knew something about Macs in the 1990s to make the writeups easier, but if you don’t, Google knows everything.
Any interest? Email me.