Entrepreneurial Atlanta!

Sometimes, it makes sense to sit back for a moment and reflect on how much things have changed in four years. For those of you who were part of the Atlanta entrepreneurial community, think back to May of 2005. Pretty different, wasn’t it?

I’m putting together a list of organizations/events/whatever that demonstrate the vibrancy in the Atlanta entrepreneurial marketplace. So far, I have the following chart:

What am I forgetting? Send me links, logos, whatever. Thanks!


  1. How about Mobicamp? http://mobicamp.me – Granted it isn’t an investment group or blog, but it is about bringing smart Atlanta folks together to foster startups and growth in the community.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions (Amro above, plus email and tweets). Here’s the updated version (the logos animate in independently, so it’s less of a jumble than you might think).

  3. Value Plus Ventures, and Profounder need to be added to this list. And we need to get you the Atlanta specific Startup Weekend logo.

  4. Wow! I’ve surprised even myself with this chart.

    Here’s the latest. Has anyone ever seen a logo for Profounder?

  5. I”m curious what the Atlanta connection is to Twitter – were any of those guys Tech students?

  6. In May 2005 I literally believed that I was the only person with a technology startup in Atlanta. Things sure have changed.

  7. Nope, no Atlantans founded Twitter (as far as I know)… I’m listing it here as another example of ‘connections’ that didn’t exist four years ago. I know that I attend a lot of events that I wouldn’t have known about before Twitter!

    Russell, this page is just connections between startups… for the whole list of startups, go to Paul’s ATLlogos at http://www.atllogos.com … he has 158 startups listed, and I’m sure that list is incomplete!

  8. How about ProductCamp June 6 (ask Jason Brett) and iPhoneCamp and MobileCamp on July 18? Nice visualization map, Stephen!

  9. Okay, I’ve posted the final version (as QuickTime and PDF) on the main blog. You can find it from the home page, or directly at http://academicvc.com/2009/05/entrepreneurial-atlanta-2/



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